About Us

When people think about the facilities of Museums and Cultural Institutions, they often focus on the public-facing, “fun” aspects of the location. Exhibits, events, and notable public figures that collectively are the focus for these spaces. Seldom are the amazing professionals who ensure the facility not only stays open, but continuously improves its operational efficiency.

Our organization, the Museums and Cultural Institutions Council of IFMA, was created to support and enhance the career experience and progression of these individuals, who are often overlooked due to the insular nature of our siloed facilities and the general pursuit of for-profit businesses over non-profit cultural institutions. We want our efforts to constantly improve and grow the sense of community experienced by our membership.

Our leadership has decades of experience operating, managing, and consulting to assist in these Heritage spaces. We are committed to providing resources that expand the horizon of our membership to facilitate growth in their career, and also an awareness of unique issues within our sector more broadly.

We welcome all to attend our educational seminars and invite you to reach out concerning opportunities to help expand the value created for our membership; your engagement helps preserve and share our unique history, and we want you to be a part of that mission!