Cultural Facility Project Checklist

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

Are you a facility manager new to the cultural institution industry? Do you ever wonder if you are forgetting something as you plan and execute your projects at a cultural facility?

We heard it would have been nice to have a checklist of things to consider going into a major renovation from a facility director who just finished one. So we had a set of three brainstorming meetings in early 2022 and invited facility staff from leading cultural institutions to help us create such a checklist.

It is divided into sections for pre-project planning, during-project coordination, and post-project review.

This checklist is free for all cultural facility staff from Facility Issues. You do have to enter an email (to screen out scammers and let you get notified of updates) but don’t have to sign up for any list.

Get the checklist here and then send us any suggestions you have for how we can improve it!

Cultural Facility Project Checklist