Cultural Facility Environmental Control

Friday, January 13th, 2023

Last month, Ki Culture and Gallery Climate Coalition held a 2-day online conference to outline the current state of environment control within museums and explore alternatives that use less energy, with a lower environmental footprint based on scientific data and case studies.

Climate control requires massive energy consumption and is one of the leading carbon footprints in the cultural world. In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, the cultural sector is looking toward increasing ranges of climate control. Many protocols have been developed and adopted, but little information is known about actual implementation.

While this issue is one often discussed in the cultural facility community, this conference is also oriented to the curatorial staff – share with yours.

The “International Climate Control Conference” was recorded and is available for free online:

Day 1 recording:

Day 2 recording:


Shout out to Caitlin Southwick at Ki Culture for this excellent event.